Kas valdo svetainę / domeną / interneto prieglobą?

Ownership of your domain or web-hosting belongs to you at all the time. We only ask for temporarily access of your domain or web-hosting to setup and integrate your purchased services. We will also keep the access for the whole leasing period while you are using our services. At the end of your lease agreement and not earlier than 3 months, you can request the domain and web-hosting access release, or you can also engage in additional improvements with a new lease agreement. Our sales team will respectively give you estimate price for your requests and in accordance of the period you have been using our services. Our costumers can only lease our services and it is not possible to obtain any ownership of our products, websites, plugins on any of our leased services.

Kaip lengva atnaujinti savo paslaugą?

One of the crucial aspects we provide from the very beginning is the flexibility of using our services. There is no need of having an amazing website, calendar or web-shop without a chance to change or edit the content yourself. Today and with our service packages there is no need of  hiring new specialist with  a degree in computer programming just to have your website updated. Our integrated systems are simplicity itself and you get a online tutorials to help you through the processes.

Kaip pritaikoma yra mano paslauga?

During the period of service setup and integration we will add your company logo, match the colors for the website menu and background. Depending on your purchased service plan we will rename and prepare the menu links for your chosen pages, blog posts and products. Moreover, we will also import and upload the agreed amount of pictures and text. By the end of integration process, it will feel like you have everything perfectly ready to start your business right away.

Kiek užtruks mūsų paslaugų integravimas?

After you have provided us with the necessary content and information, we can make your services up and running in just a few days. We deliver tailor made and fully functional service packages in almost no time. It usually takes no longer than 2-5 working days.

Ar domenas bus mano, jei atšauksiu savo paslaugas?

We have no interest to keep access or ownership of your domain, emails or web-hosting. Therefore, you can always feel free to cancel your lease agreement at any time but making sure that your subscription is payed out. As soon as everything is sorted correctly, the ownership and access of domain, web-hosting and email address will become yours.

Ar galiu vėliau atnaujinti "Premium" planą?

You can upgrade to Premium at any time. From our side we’ll deduct what you’ve already paid for a current plan from the total subscription cost. To upgrade, just visit https://www.woxygen.com/lt website and click on “Contact” in the top menu and place an request for a new order.

Ar galiu pridėti funkcijų prie mano nuomojamų paslaugų?

We do have and offer additional and more advanced features for your purchased services. And we are always happy to discuss with you about what options are ready and available. Therefore, feel free to get in contact with Woxygen support and we will make sure to provide you with the solutions which perfectly fits with your business expectations.

Kiek turinio naudojate mano paslaugoms?

It always depends on purchased service package. Content integration feature is also different per chosen services. Normally after you have placed an order for service purchase, you will also receive brochure of “Content integration” requirements and limitations. In any other case, we always kindly advice our customers to visit their purchased service pages and find all the necessary details and information attached.

Ar galiu turėti visiškai pritaikytą paslaugą?

You can transfer your existing domain to Woxygen very easily. Usually it costs a little extra to have your domain and web-hosting services moved to our platform. Therefore its important when you purchase one or few of our services, make sure to add a comment where we ask about domain and web-hosting services. Otherwise feel free to get in contact with Woxygen support and we will sort it for you.

Kada man reikia sumokėti?

When you first sign up for Starter, Business or Premium plans, you’ll pay in advance for the term that you choose—either 3 months, 6 months, 12 months ,1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years etc. Renewal payment will be due when your subscription terms ends. If you decide to cancel, you just need to let us know at least 14 days before your renewal takes place.

Ar galiu naudoti domeną, kurį jau turiu?

Of course. We are here to help your business succeed. You can always contact Woxygen support and they will be happy to give you a free consultation. However, please keep in mind the cost of a specifically designed and developed service can be many times more expensive than a leased services.

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